2018 Xpress XP7

2018 XP7 Silver-Blue/Silver XTR/Gray Yamaha F50LB Awesome 17ft Xpress fishing boat. Call us today at (405)830-8486

2018 XP7

Yamaha F50LB

Silver-Blue/Silver XTR/Gray Two- Tone paint upgrade

Console Blue

Rig-Flush Mount Control Box with/Cable 

Lights in Livewells > Storage Boxes > and Interior

Upgrade > Helix 5 Chirp GPS/G2N

Upgrade > 70 Edge Trolling Motor

Alum Spare Tire and Mount 

We can add 90hp Yamaha Motor for added price  

Call us today! So you can be on the lake this summer catching fish! (405)830-8486